The mission is simple…


Take a moment and do a quick thought experiment.

What would happen if you pursued love, success, expansion, creativity, health, fun, freedom, friendships, honesty and self awareness with everything you’ve got? With your all?

It would be amazing,  for sure.

Hard work? No doubt.

Disappointing sometimes? Yep.

Rewarding? hell yep ! 

and we are sure that you will be imagining a whole ton of other stuff that is personal to you…

BUT… I’m sure we can both agree… it would be some life, an extraordinary life, an evolved life… a full life.

These are the lives we are interested in, the only kind of life worth living… unique to you, but sharing the highest values, the most expanded beliefs, the free’est minds and the healthiest bodies with a network of like minded optimal livers…. pursuing the O-LIFE.

To do this however takes aligning multiple aspects of our selves and our lives… Most people can ‘GO OPTIMAL’ in one area of life..

Maybe they can be great at work, but struggle with  inner anxieties 

Maybe they can get their body into great shape, but can’t earn the money they need or create the business they want.

Maybe they can can make a shit load of cash, but can’t ‘do’ successful relationships…

To align it all, to live O-life 3 main areas have to come together at a deep level of awareness:

  1. Our Mind
  2. Our Body
  3. Our Life

We view the mind as 3 components, and all 3 have to work together at a very high level. The 3 areas are:

1. The Brain. This is the hard ware, the grey matter.

The Mind. This is the software, the electrical frequencies.

Then you have to break down the mind into 2 parts/ The conscious processes and the unconscious processes.

An optimal mind is when the BRAIN & the CONSCIOUS and UNCONSCIOUS processes all align.

2.  The Body. The body has numerous needs that have to be aligned. Movement, nutrition and rest being the main three.

3 Life. This is the BIG ONE. Where our personal strengths, our life experiences, our purpose and life meaning come together into the full expression of our deepest inner power and inherent desire to express ourselves as fully and completely as possible.


The optimal life co has one focus…

to give you the answers to bringing all these aspects of YOU and LIFE together so that you can..



Hi, we are Alistair and Josefine and our mission is to create a movement that re-defines normal…. The Optimal Life Co is the starting point….

Normal as a baseline will lead to normative outcomes:

  1. You’ll live in average to poor physical and mental health… leading a life of coping rather than thriving
  2. Financially you will always have either ‘just enough to get by with’ or ‘not quite enough to get by with’.
  3. Leading life on other peoples terms as opposed to your own terms
  4. Likely working for ‘The Man’ rather than for yourself
  5. Having just enough energy to ‘make it’ through the day
  6. A wish list of goals with not too many ticks next to ‘achieved’.
  7. Not having ‘enough time’ to live the things you truly want to live.

The Optimal Life Co was created to inform, support, encourage and inspire you to –

Re-define your normal, so that your normal looks far more like this:

  1. True physical health and a mind free from anxiety, depression and the onslaught of stress related mental health conditions that the world seems to just accept as OK
  2. More than enough money to be able to do the things that you love. (this isn’t about becoming a ‘millionaire’, it’s about having what you need to live as you truly want to live… and that number might be significantly less or significantly more that the $1m.
  3. Leading a life where you call the shots, living a life on your own terms…
  4. Having an abundance of physical and mental energy that allows you to get what you need done and have more in the tank to play, laugh, socialise and connect in the ways that you choose
  5. Clarity on your goals and what it is you really want and love to do, be that building a tiny house and growing a vegie garden, playing music in a band, completing a tough physical challenge, having the time to travel, building extraordinary companies… whatever it is for you…



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