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In the movie ‘The Gambler’ with Mark Whalberg there is a scene where the question of how much money is enough money is asked… the answer…enough money is having ‘FUCK YOU MONEY’. (watch the video at end of the article, it’s a great scene)


Fuck you money is enough money to not be beholden to anyone. If your boss, your work, your life is making you it’s bitch, you have enough to say ‘Fuck You’ and walk away and align to something that you want. This is personal power, this is fuck you power.


Well… we believe in a Fuck You Life…


A life where your brain and mind are in such amazing shape, that your sense of self is bulletproof. No one controls you and no one can disempower you.


A life where you body is in such great shape and health that you give disease and premature ageing a big ‘fuck you‘.


A life where you have meaning, purpose, laughter, expression and personal success… with a ‘big fuck you‘ to anything and anyone who tries to deny you this.


It’s kind of like unconditional love… but with a bit more fuck you in it…


So… what are the first steps to creating your very own ‘fuck you life


1.You have to want it, you have to really want it. It’s not for the lazy, the blamers, the no-getters, the trolls, the haters, the moaners, the pc, the do gooders or the dishonest.


2. Following on from the last word of number 1… you have to have and love brutal self honesty. To the point that you are willing to have every element of your life professionally measured:


  • Think you are in fuck you health? Go and get your body comp done, go get your blood work done, your hormones done and your shit tested… literally, with stools analysis.


  • Think you have a fuck you body? Go and squat your body weight, bang out 50 push ups and do a hand stand…


  • Think you have fuck you money? Go and talk to a wealth specialist and see what they have to say about that or alternately just answer this question “If all income and work stopped tomorrow could you live as you want for the next year?


  • Think you have a fuck you relationship? Do you argue, do you have power and control issues, do you really love and are you really being loved? Do you fucking love being with this person?


  • Is your brain in fuck you shape? Are you running a peak performance brain? You sure? Then put it on the line… go get your brain mapped, get your neuro-transmitters tested, go do a memory test.


  • Do you have a fuck you mind? Offended by this article? Then no, you don’t. Do you keep bleating about unconditional love and world peace yet can’t even love yourself or get your own life in order? Do you let your emotions run you? Do you react, rather than respond? Have you taken personality tests and strengths assessments? If not… then your mind is likely in a fucked, not a fuck you state.


Now, all that’s just for starters… but if you really want to UPGRADE to a fuck you life then keep up to date with our Instagram and our blog.

Join us at an up-coming workshop / retreat or book in for your personal upgrade sessions and get fuck you fast…

A & J


Author: Alistair Horscroft

July 14, 2018

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